Paddleboard Rental

SUP Rental

In addition to boat and canoe rental, you can now also rent a SUP board from us. SUP stands for stand-up paddleboarding. You can paddle to places like the Vlietland recreation lake (about 1200m away) with the SUP board, or simply set off into the polder from our rental location. Stand-up paddleboarding is suitable for everyone. Some people SUP to get fit, while others do it to relax. You can paddleboard alone, but it's obviously much more fun with others.

You can rent the SUP board by the hour, but a full day trip is also possible.

You can rent a SUP board for €10 per hour or €50 for the entire day. Our SUP boards are 305 cm in length and have a carrying capacity of 145 kg.

Reservations can be made for a full day or part of the day. If you only want to SUP for an hour, that's possible too, subject to availability. In that case, reservations are not possible. You simply come by and rent an available SUP for the time you desire. The minimum rate is for a 1-hour rental.

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